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MR Security Systems Focus is you the Customer

With over 25 years of experience in delivering Security and Connectivity Solutions, MR Security Systems is ideally placed to provide Security or connectivity that meets your requirements while integrating into your existing environment.  Our focus is to ensure we provide you with the most cost-effective solution that delivers all the benefits you believe are important. We provide a truly customized solution at no extra cost.

Cost Effective

MR Security Systems has partnered with the leaders in Alarm Systems, Gate Alerts, CCTV,  and Rural Broadband Solutions. With an understanding of your requirements and your unique environment, we can tailor a solution that meets those requirements.  Our focus is you the customer whether you be Rural, Commercial or Residential. 

Leverage Existing Investements

If you have an existing CCTV system perhaps an old analogue system with extensive coaxial cabling you may want to leverage that cabling. If you need a gate alert system but want to connect it to your existing alarm system. You could have an existing Alarm System with perfectly functioning movements sensors (eg PIR’s) but want to upgrade the main panel or just add remote monitoring. Whatever your existing environment from cabling to networking and existing security systems we will discuss with you how you can make use of what you already have to reduce cost, simplify the solution and provide increased benefits. 

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We understand the challenges of being based in a rural setting.

Being based in a rural setting poses unique challenges. Whether it be the lack of Mobile Reception, poor Rural Broadband, Boundary Security and all the issues associated with securing and managing remote rural properties. Because we are based in Rural Victoria we understand your needs and the options to address them. From Gate Alerts, Broadband Connectivity for voice and data, Alarm Systems of Digital CCTV we provide the best solutions designed for rural settings. All our alarms and Smart CCTV systems provide remote access and alerts. Whatever your security or connectivity challenge we are confident we have a solution.

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We have a range of Smart Alarm systems from Industry-leading providers like Ness Corporation and Bosch. Alarm Solutions ranging from small residential to sophisticated multi-building commercial systems.  Including Gate Alarm and remote monitoring solutions for rural properties. We can provide A Graded Monitoring facilities as well as many options for self-monitoring by SMS or smartphone apps. The key is choosing the best solution to give you the protection you need and can afford.


We have a range of proven Smart CCTV  solutions to suit all applications from small residential systems to large sophisticated commercial and Rural Farming applications. All our Digital CCTV solutions use the latest digital image processing technology to provide the clearest images day and night and they can be deployed anywhere. Remote viewing is an integral part of each system as well as intelligence to decide what surveillance footage you want to keep.


Tired of the lack of mobile network coverage on and around your property? Are you frustrated trying to navigate which Rural Broadband solution is best for you ?  Would you like to connect separate buildings or locations that may be hundreds of metres or even kilometres apart, without using cable? We have been working at solving rural connectivity problems for over a decade and today there are more solutions than ever from WiFI calling to CellFi signal boosting  and fast 4G Mobile Broadband call us today to find out how we can help.


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