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Not all Security Systems are created equal! 

Selecting who will install your Security solution is just important as the system itself. So what is important to consider when choosing an installer.

Firstly, it’s trust. You must trust the installer, the safety and security of your business or your family depend on it. Secondly, the installer should be keen to understand just what’s important to you.

Thirdly, verify the quality of your installer.  How satisfied are their customers with the solution? Ask to speak to other customers in similar situations?

If you don’t feel you are being listened to or if you were unable to explain your requirements, choose another installer.

An Alarm system to protect

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Accessing your Alarm Systems by mobile

Mobile Phone App Integration

In today’s world, many people expect Mobile phone application integration with their Alarm System. Available Mobile apps not only arm and disarm the  System and notify of system events. They can unlock doors, and activate other items like garage doors, and even heating and cooling.

Security System – Back to Base Monitoring

Back to Base Monitoring by our A Graded Monitoring Centre is available with any new or existing Alarm. More Security Solutions than ever incorporate alerting capabilities. So the benefit of having a human review all alerts promptly and take ownership for notifying the relevant people is a vital benefit.

Our Monitoring centre is A Graded to the highest level in Australia. Staffed 24/7 we can provide full round-the-clock monitoring from our Keilor based Centre.

Cost for  back-to-base monitoring starts for as little as $1 a day

A graded central Monitoting

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Dont let Intruders in

Stop Intruders before They Gain Access to your Premises

One of our key priorities, when building a proposal for a Security Solution, is reducing intruder access. Therefore, how we reduce the likely hood that intruders will get any further than the areas external to your principal buildings is critical. 

Think of the area or building you want to secure in layers and how each of those layers represents a point at which you identify and dissuade an intruder. 

We guarantee you will sleep better. If you receive a call about your Alarm ; the intruders have not yet even made it inside your premises.

This is what we call layered Security.

Our award-winning Gate Alert Systems and Boundary Security Solution can also be easily integrated into all the Alarm Solutions we provide often providing the outermost layer of your Security Solution. See below to read more about Parabeam Entrance-way and Gate Alerts

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We Provide Sales, Installation and service to all the following localities and surrounding areas:

Bendigo, Ballarat, Castlemaine, Harcourt, Kyneton, Ballan, Bacchus Marsh, Seymour, Broadford, Woodend, Redesdale, Baynton, Trentham, Daylesford, Gisborne, Lancefield, Riddels Creek, Blackwood, and the surrounding area.

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