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CCTV Surveillance - Why Do People Install Surveillance?

People install CCTV Surveillance systems because they provide an extra layer of security. These also create a very visible deterrent. 

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CCTV Systems - The Benefits

  • They have just had an incident that CCTV Surveillance footage would have helped avoid or resolve. Many calls we receive about a CCTV System come after a burglary. Depending on the type of break-in, it can be the most common thing suggested by Police as a solution. Unfortunately, while it is a deterrent, it won’t deter all criminals, but it could help the perpetrators get apprehended.

  • They have a business that handles large amounts of cash. CCTV Systems can not just make sure that what goes into the cash draw is Correct. It can also ensure customers don’t claim they gave you an amount of money they didn’t i.e. you gave me change for a ten when I gave you a twenty-dollar note!

  • The work environment has a risk of workplace accidents and CCTV surveillance is a great way to ensure and monitor safe work practices.

The damage of being burgled
Damaged Car at a business
  • There is a risk that errant customers could make a fictitious claim of damage to their property, but with CCTV footage of a customer’s vehicle while it is in your care, customer’s claims of negligent damage are a thing of the past.

  • A CCTV Surveillance System can keep track of all sorts of information. For example, people counting, vehicle number plate recognition, items that have are left unattended and identifying threatening objects without human intervention.

  • Use CCTV cameras as part of an Alarm System. The latest Full-Colour CCTV Cameras feature two-way voice and red/blue strobe lights. Making CCTV a useful addition to a layered security approach to your total security.

  • Use CCTV remote Viewing to verify a property alarm condition. An extremely useful feature in regional areas where there aren’t active security guard services.

  • Know where staff or family members are, or when family members arrive home. This can also be part of a monitored service. A Back to Base Monitoring service can use CCTV cameras to ensure an employee’s safe movement to their car, etc.

See when the kids get home

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Are Supermarket or Hardware Store bought CCTV any good?

A lot of effort and time goes into installing CCTV cameras, whether you have done it yourself or paid someone. You are putting a CCTV System in for security,  your family’s, or for your business, how much is at stake. Is this really an area of your business or life you should take the cheap options?

3 year warranty on CCTV
  • All of our CCTV Cameras are IP67 rated at a minimum that means each CCTV camera can withstand being underwater for 30 minutes and still work. Imagine a camera exposed to heavy driving rain.
  • The body of the cameras is designed to be vandal-proof.
  • All cabling is commercial-grade ethernet that will last many years the cables are custom installed to suit each camera. When you buy a kit they come with a cheap cable made to a certain length, will that length reach each camera.
  • We choose the CCTV camera specification for the job at hand. I.e. we select the CCTV Camera with the right lens, the correct Infrared range, and the right intelligence features ( special low light capabilities, people counting, tripwire, and intrusion detection).
  • All our CCTV Systems carry a full 3-year warranty on the entire system.

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