Rural Connectivity Solutions

Complete Coverage - Alerting, Video, Calls & Data- Where you need it

If you struggle to browse the internet or make and receive mobile calls we can help.  With new WiFi calling supported by the major Australian Telecommunications providors you can use your WiFi network to make an receive phone calls, even seemlessly switching back to using the mobile cellular signal on your phone should you move to an area where the signal improves.


The options to ensure you get the data and voice communications you deserve have never been greater. We utilize all the available technologies, WiFi calling , cellular signal boosting to ensure you get the solution thats right for your needs and locations.

Connecting cameras to give you a view of important assets such as irrigation pumps and expensive control equipment is now possible almost anywhere. Integrating this with a boundary and entrance monitoring system with centralised alerting means no matter where you are on the farm or property or even if you are in a different part of the country you will always be able to know the know the status of your property and know you will be alerted of anything untoward.

Our focus is solutions for our customers not technology. Every solution we develop whether simple or complex is custom designed to ensure it meets the needs of each specific customer. Our solutions are robust  and proven so we happily give a three year warranty on all the products we provide.

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