WiFi Increasing Coverage

Why Would I want to Extend my WiFI Coverage

The typical issues we face with Wi-Fi is its range. There are other issues such as reliability and security, but the range of Wi-Fi is perhaps the biggest issue that receives the most attention.

The range of the Wi-Fi signal we genuinely receive from our Internet Modem or Router depends like any radio signal on what’s between us and the Internet Modem (or device providing Wi-Fi). This can be as little as 20 metres in a house or as much as 200 metres outdoors. If your house has solid brick or rammed earth internal walls, these will hinder the signal more than a gyprock wall. Of course, the Wi-Fi signal will also struggle to travel far beyond a wall lined with silver building paper or a colorbond or steel wall of any kind.

Fortunately, there are many ways you can extend your WiFi coverage using additional Access Points, and these can seamlessly connect in what we call a MESH network. You can also use a  Wi-Fi repeaters or range Extender.

These devices are available for internal use as well as external use where they are IP rated depending on the severity of climatic conditions they may experience.
It is ideal when designing a new building to look at the connectivity you expect both wired any wireless just as hard as you consider your electrical wiring. As more and more devices become connected, its more important and far cheaper to get this right from the start than it is to retrofit it after a build is complete.

As Wi-Fi access points become a common part of new constructions, there is an ever-increasing range of tastefully designed wall and ceiling mounted devices are available.

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