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Gate Alerts rural property

Considering a Gate Alert System? Have a long driveway, a rural property? A Gate Alarm System will enhance how you respond to both unwanted intruders and necessary visitors. Our Gate Alert System is extremely reliable because it utilises specialised sensors, is robust, weatherproof and wireless. Read our article below to find out more.

Other benefits of the Parabeam Gate Alerts system are:

  • Each gate sensor is formed by a fully wireless remote beam unit.
  • Each unit contains high-efficiency solar panels, because of this, the unit will run through all weather conditions.
  • The Gate Alarm solar panels are rugged and UV resistant.
  • Our Gate Alarm beam units can transmit signals up to 2500 metres away.
  • There is a Boundary Security alert beam which can span up to 200 metres. 
  • The Parabeam Gate Alert system is incredibly simple, reliable, and long-lasting. 

Parabeam - Gate Alarm options

There are many options available for the Parabeam Gate Alert System.

  • External and internal alerting devices comprising both light and noise.
  • Our Gate Alarm PE beams can be used in conjunction with other sensors.
  • Audible and visual upgrades can be used to extend the alerting capabilities.
  • FM communicators included for communication throughout the property.
  • The alert system can send SMS messages when activiated.

In conclusion, there are very few situations or requirements that the Parabeam system does not address.

Parabeam Options Include:

  • Beam Sets that will transmit up to 2500 metres back to the Gate Alarm Base unit.
  • Boundary Security beam sets for up to 200 metre coverage.
  • Vehicle sensors.
  • Gate close sensors.
  • Alert horn and Police style strobe lights.
  • SMS alerting capability for Gate Alerts.
  • FM Gate alarm Alert Pager inclusive of independent Radio Communication.
parabeam gate alerts options

Although the more commonly used PIR (Passive infrared) Sensors are significantly cheaper to use but, it does not suit these sensors to be used outdoors. Read our article noted below to understand why the type of Gate Alarm sensors used are important. Above all, your Gate Alerts System must be reliable and without false alarms.

If you want to know more about why Parabeam is simply the best Entranceway alerting system on the market then click below.

installation of gate alerts system

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