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4G Mobile Signal Boosting

If you want to know about 4G Mobile Signal Boosting you’ve come to the right place. The information we’ve compiled is from the most authoritative sources available, carriers, equipment manufacturers, it is accurate to March 2021. This is an ever-changing area and we will endeavor to ensure this page has the most up-to-date legal options available. If you currently have a reliable Internet Connection and your concern is making mobile voice calls, please read our page on WiFi calling. WiFI calling is still not widely publicized by the carriers but it may well be a way to help with your mobile phone coverage at no cost.

Wifi Extender

How to Improve Cell Phone Reception using External Antennas

Historically, a large part of our signal boosting business was the supply and installation of fixed cellar antennas however as very few mobile phone manufacturers incorporate an external antenna port: the use of antennas to connect directly to a mobile phone is a thing of the past. However, the arrival in Australia of additional products in the CellFi range of Signal Boosters which all have external antenna connections has again changed the solutions available to our customers. These boosters work as “repeaters”. They pick up the available (from a specifically selected and mounted antenna) signal, amplify it then re-broadcast it to the local area where you need the signal. These are available for residential, commercial and mobile applications.

Cellular Internet Devices

Many 3G and 4G Internet devices have external antenna ports. These ports allow you to connect external antennas to them and improve cellular reception. If you need to boost the signal to one of these kinds of devices you may be best suited with an external antenna. A site inspection by us along with an understanding of your requirements can determine that for you.

What does a site inspection consist of ?

Our experience has shown the only way to truly understand how to best boost your cellular reception at a fixed location is to do a site inspection. This will enable us to measure the radio signal and data speeds and decide if signal boosting will give you the cellular access you are looking for. While we are able to give you an idea of likely data speeds we can also discuss the kind of mast and antenna that would likely be required as well as the best positions for installation.

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