Smoke & Fire Detection

If you are concerned about the maintenance of your smoke alarms, integrating smoke detectors with a home security system can be a smart solution.  Smoke detectors are available for all MR Security System customers with an alarm system supplied by us. They not only help to alert you about a house fire while you’re at home or asleep, you’ll also receive a notification if the smoke detector is triggered while you are away from the home. 

Of course you dont need to have the alarm system armed for smoke detectors to notify of  smoke or fire they are constantly on and working to notify you of the dange of fire should they detect smoke. 

There are several types of smoke detectors and its worthwhile understanding the different types of smoke detectors to ensure you are using the right solution to protect your home. Generally speaking, there are two types of smoke detection technology. Ionisation detectors that can identify the presence of smoke but are not always effective at detecting slow-smoldering fires, which are the fires that often lead to death and injury in household fires. The other type is photoelectric detectors which can sense visible particles of combustion, and react to smoldering fires. Photoelectricdetecors are the type that we typically install and reccoemend.

While smoke alarms are readily available from hardware stores, standard smoke alarms will not alert you to a potential emergency if you’re away from home which is why people with an ADT home security system are encouraged to install ADT monitored, photoelectric smoke detectors.

Ensuring you have smoke detctors installed as part of your alarm system gives you additional peace of mind whether you are at home or away you know your home is constantly monitored for the presence of smoke.


Smoke detectors important for business too

Smoke detectors are often something overlooked by business owners when considering a business alarm systems.

The loss of business premises due to fire can be devastating and often could be avoided thru the installation of smoke detectors in high risk areas of a business.

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